Mr Blanvelt


Mr Blanvelt from New York.

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Vintage and original

1 hand colored CDV photo of a man named Mr Blanvelt. The photo was taken at Jordan & Co studios in New York.

Good condition with scuffs and light scratches most of which can only be seen while viewing photo at a certain angle to the light. Bottom left corner is creased. Photo and card are heavily soiled.

Written on the front (bottom) very faintly is (something) Blanvelt. The ‘something looks like it starts with and L.

‘Mr (something) (something) Blanvelt’ is written on the back. The first ‘something appears to be an I and the second ‘something’ appears to be an M.

I can’t be certain of the first name on the front or the two initials on the back, so I’m calling him Mr. Blanvelt.

CDV measures about 2 1/2” x 4”.

Scans make the photo appear larger than it actually is and or may be enlarged to show detail. Please note actual dimensions of the card. Scan shows front and back of photo card.