One 8″ x 10″ vintage photograph of  a  Monsignor.

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Vintage and Original


Vintage photograph of  a  Monsignor. Photograph measures about 8″ x 10″.

Good condition with light wear around the edges and a couple light marks. The scan magnifies the light marks. If fact, one mark (the vertical mark on the left side of his face I can’t see at all no matter which way I view the photograph). The other mark (diagonal mark on the left side of his face I can only see while viewing the photograph at a certain angle to the light).

Back has black paper stuck to it from the album page it was glued to.

Photo has a slight curl.

Scans may make the photo APPEAR LARGER than it actually is and may be enlarged to show detail. Please note the actual dimensions of the photo. Dimensions include the white border if applicable.

Thank you…thank you very much.


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