Mary Elizabeth Howe


CDV photo of Mary Elizabeth Howe.

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Vintage and original

1 CDV photo of Mary Elizabeth Howe. There is no studio name on the CDV.

This CDV photo of  Mary Elizabeth Howe is in good condition with surface scrapes, and scratches most of which can only be seen while holding the photo at a certain angle to the light. There is a light crease that can be seen at the top left of the card. Soiling spots, foxing and tanned by time.

I’ve dated the photograph at about 1870 (judging by the characteristics of the card) give or take 5 years. And taking into account that I acquired the CDV in New England, I believe this could be a photo of Mary Elizabeth Howe from Gardner Massachusetts, BUT I could be wrong!

CDV measures about 2 1/2” x 4”.

Scans make the photo appear larger than it actually is and or may be enlarged to show detail. Please note actual dimensions of the card.

*Please note* If there is a scan of genealogy information it is not included with the sale of this picture. This information is public record and readily available.

If I provide genealogy it is through my own research which means I could be wrong!

Thank you…thank you very much.