Doris Schneider


Cabinet Card photo of Doris Schneider for her Grossma 1913.

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Vintage and original

Cabinet Card photo of Doris Schneider. Also written on the back ‘August 1913 / With much love to Grossma.

A lot of marks/spots, scratches an soiling spots most of which can only be seen while viewing photo at an angle to the light.

Cabinet Card measures about 4 1/4″ x 6 3/4″.

The scan/s are what the photo/s look like straight on. The camera photo/s (if any) I took at an angle and I have adjusted the highlights and contrast to better show you what the marks/spots look like. Colors are more like the scanned photo/s AND
*Colors of the scanned photo may vary slightly from the actual photograph as all monitors and screens are calibrated differently. Color is more like the scan then the photos I took.

Scans are ENLARGED to show detail.