CDV 154


Lot of 7 Religious CDV Album Filler Photos. 1800s, old photos for sale

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CDV 154

Lot of 7 CDV Album Filler Photos.

I believe they are as follows (I could be wrong):

-Guido Reni AURORA by Icilio Calzolari

-The Madonna and Child John the Baptist by Icilio Calzolari

-Madonna of the Goldfinch Child John the Baptist Raphael

-Raphael Madonna Child John the Baptist Raffaello Sanzio Italy

-Raphael The marriage of the Virgin  Raffaello Sanzio Italy

-Madonna and Child John the Baptist  Battoni

-Evangeline from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Epic Poem

Some have light marks/spots, and or scratches, foxing on photos most of which can only be seen while viewing photo at an angle to the light.

Some have wear around the corners.

Photos measures about 2 1/2″ x 4″.

All photos are vintage and original and all WILL show some type of wear and tear.

The scan/s are what the photo/s look like straight on. The camera photo/s (if any) I took at an angle and I have adjusted the highlights and contrast to better show you what the marks/spots look like. Colors are more like the scanned photo/s AND
*Colors of the scanned photo may vary slightly from the actual photograph as all monitors and screens are calibrated differently. Color is more like the scan then the photos I took.

*Scans are ENLARGED to show detail.