Alma Folsom – Maine


Alma Folsom – Dexter, Maine 1930.

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Vintage and Original

Alma Folsom from Dexter, Maine.

Corners have impressions of the photo album holders and the very tips of the corners may be folded.

Photo measures about 2 7/8” x 3 7/8”.

 Photo from a graduating class of 1930 from the N H Fay High School in Penobscot County, Dexter, Maine, photo album.  Photo is printed on card stock. To see all photos in this collection, please type a3 into the search bar.

Please view the all the scanned pictures, at the highest possible magnification, carefully as they can help describe the condition of this item much better than I. Scanned photos may appear larger than they actually are. Please note actual dimensions of photo which includes the white boarder and or mount photo is attached to.

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Alma Folsom