Addie Mills Baker – Massachusetts


Addie Mills Baker from Fall River, Massachusetts.

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Vintage and original

Addie Mills Baker. Mills is Addie’s maiden name.

Photo was taken in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA.

Good condition with surface scrapes, scratches and soiling marks. Most, if not all, of the scrapes and scratches can only be seen while holding the photo at a certain angle to the light.

The CDV  measures about 2 1/2” x 4”.

This photo came from a deteriorating album that originated in Fall River, Massachusetts with the surname French. I copied the names from the album to the back of the photo in pencil.

*Please note* If there is a scan of genealogy information it is not included with the sale of this picture. This information is public record and readily available.

If I provide genealogy it is through my own research which means I could be wrong!