36 Newbury Street Somerville MA


Cabinet Card Photo of 36 Newbury StreetWarren and Addie Upham’s house in Somerville, Massachusetts. Warren and Addie are standing near the front door.

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Vintage and original

1 Cabinet Card of the house at 36 Newbury Street in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

Marks/spots, scratches/scrapes most of which can only be seen at an angle to the light. Some soiling and foxing especially in the lower left corner can be seen straight on. There are two poke marks on the right side (toward the top) on the front of the hous.

This was the home of Warren and Addie Upham and if you look closely you can see Warren and Addie standing near the front door.

 I googled this address and the house is still there and looks pretty much the same.

Warren Upham was born on March 8, 1850 in New Hampshire, USA to  Jacob Upham and Sarah Hayward.

According to Wikipedia, Warren was a geologist, archaeologist, and librarian who is best known for his studies of glacial Lake Agassiz.

Warren Upham worked as a geologist in New Hampshire before moving in 1879 to Minnesota to study the resources and glacial geology of that state.

Warren married Addie Bixby in 1885.

Warren and Addie only child was a baby girl named Pearl who died in the year she was born 1887.

Warren Upham died in 1934 at the age of 84.

Cabinet cards measures about 4 1/4” x 6 1/2”.

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All photos are vintage and original and all WILL show some type of wear and tear.

The scan/s are what the photo/s look like straight on. The camera photo/s (if any) I took at an angle and I have adjusted the highlights and contrast to better show you what the marks/spots look like. Colors are more like the scanned photo/s AND
*Colors of the scanned photo may vary slightly from the actual photograph as all monitors and screens are calibrated differently. Color is more like the scan then the photos I took.

Scans are ENLARGED to show detail.